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Digital marketplace designed for freelancers in Malaysia. We are on a mission to improve the economic growth in the nation. We believe working remotely is a new norm, as well as a rising opportunity to earn for living and career-growth.


We are on a mission to improve economic growth and reduce unemployment rate in the nation! These objectives can be met by creating project based job opportunities, or better known as "gigs" and matching suitable workers to them. With the emergence of a new trend of working remotely and the growth of gig economy, GigMalaysia is here to connect freelancers and business owners seamlessly across the nation. GigMalaysia is created to be the digital marketplace for freelancers in Malaysia to seek available job opportunities in social media, accounting, photography, IT, secretarial services and so much more!

Through this platform, more people can enjoy the perks of flexibility in their work hours, generate sustainable income while gaining valuable job experience!

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